uPVC Window & Door Lock Repair

If the locks are failing or the hinges are faulty for your uPVC windows or doors, then we could repair them for you 

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uPVC Window & Door Lock Repair

uPVC windows and doors are adjustable at various points of the uPVC frame. As uPVC frames can move over time it can cause locks to become out of alignment, it is useful to make adjustments to keep the doors and windows operational. If your uPVC window or door locks are not working, then they will either need to be fixed or will need replacing.

Common window and door issues

Common reasons why uPVC window or door won’t lock
  • The strikes for the window or door are not in the correct position
  • The door or window may need professionally adjusting to enable the right fitting of the window or door with the frame
  • The rubber seal surrounding the window or door might not be sitting correctly
  • The locking mechanism, the cylinder or hardware has a problem with itself or is worn out
Common reasons why door lock is jammed or stuck
  • If the key goes in and will not turn then the lock is faulty or the alignment between the door and frame is out
  • The lock is worn with general wear and tear or it’s faulty
  • Something has been inserted into the lock
  • If the key goes into the lock and turns but the door won’t open then it usually means the multi-point lock has failed or a security bolt or hook is jammed
  • uPVC multi-point lock may need repairing or replacing
  • the handles have been forced up to lock and the mechanism has broken
Common reasons why window or door lock is damaged or broken
  • When the handle is floppy when lifting then this usually means that the handle is worn out or there is a faulty locking mechanism
  • When the key goes into the euro cylinder but you have to jiggle or pull the key up or down then it could be a badly cut key or the euro cylinder lock is worn out

Lock Repair or Replacement Service

Window or door not locking?

Where your window or door will not lock, we will check the strikes are in the correct place, inspect the hinges and seals and adjust where necessary. If the lock still doesn’t work then we will check the hardware and identify any defective part.

uPVC Lock Jammed

Lock mechanism jammed?

We can either repair or replace your lock for your window or door. We are experts in multi-point locking mechanisms in uPVC doors, euro cylinders and the most recent cylinder free mechanisms. If we need to replace your lock then we will use a British Standard approved lock to ensure your home is protected.

Broken handle or Lock?

Where there is either damage to the lock or the handle is floppy it is likely it will need replacing. We will check to see whether it can be repaired and if it can’t then provide you with a quote to replace the lock.

Not able to close door?

If your door or window is not closing then we will check to see if the lock mechanism will align and make adjustments, check that the rubber seals or window spacers are placed correctly and make the necessary modifications.

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What Our Customers Say

Suresh Dasari
Suresh Dasari
Yosuf visited us on 24/02 and inspected the premises and provided a quote for replacing a 3 glasses in the kitchen, 1 glass in the bed room and replace garden slide door with an open/close 2 door upvc patio. Upon agreeing on the price an appointment was booked for 14/03. His men (2 individuals) turned up on the day and completed the job. The men were very decent, professional, approachable, knowledgeable. They know what they are doing. As provided in the quote and agreed during the discussion with Yosuf, his men have done a decent, satisfied job and tidied up the premises following the job. They have event taken away all the debris as agreed. I would definitely recommend Luxe Windows to anyone. See attached pics for evidence of the job. Thank you
Faisal Hussain
Faisal Hussain
We had French doors installed and they did a terrific job. The doors were high quality and the installation was spot on.
Cara Large
Cara Large
Replacement Front door. Fantastic service, friendly and knowledgeable. Would definitely use again when I need more. Thanks 👍🏼
Malks Jay
Malks Jay
Amazing A star service..These guys went the extra mile at a last minute job that needed to be completed ASAP for a client..they even delivered to my home address so we could carry out the work without panicking to complete our deadline..I have used these guys now 3 times in the last 2 weeks and they haven’t failed me once..will be using them always as we know they are competent and without delay or excuses…Thank you so much Yousef for coming through even when the well established companies couldn’t deliver on time and do the jobs ..much appreciated Malks at Vara Investments and Property Developments Ltd
Naveed Shah
Naveed Shah
Extremely professional staff and good quality windows. Would recommend
Tasadduq Hussain
Tasadduq Hussain
I used this company to replace my windows and doors , find them good and professional, take care of design and fitting. owner himself is good fellow and have helping attitude. I used them two times for my shop glass replacement and instalation of house windows and doors, especialy my front composite door and patio doors are good quality and fitted very nicely. recommended to couple of friends. will use them again.
Faisal Hussain
Faisal Hussain
Rufia Khatun
Rufia Khatun
Tanzeela Farooq
Tanzeela Farooq
Great customer experience from luxe windows from initial quote to completion. Quick service and reliable. Would highly recomend. Very polite and friendly. Thanks luxe!
Abid Hussain
Abid Hussain

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Although we primarily serve residents and homes within Bolton, Greater Manchester, Bury, Blackburn, Preston, Lancashire, our area of service does include neighbouring areas as well, so please call us to enquire if you are outside of the areas to the right:

Although we primarily serve residents and homes within Bolton, Greater Manchester, Bury, Blackburn, Preston,  Lancashire our area of service does include neighbouring areas as well, so please call us to enquire if you are outside of the below areas:

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